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Tales of festivals, traditions, and those who've woven their way in the right (or wrong) place in history.


Cultural Cuisine

Global, sometimes generational, dishes steeped in flavor and tradition  for herbivores.



Musings of my life around the world along with everything else like my husband Brett, and our dog, Oliver!

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July 16, marks the anniversary of the last nail in Russia's Imperial coffinand the death of an ill-fated dynasty.

The Symbolic End of

The Romanovs


Spain's Interesting Semana Santa Traditions

Click here to read all about Holy Week in Spain and the centuries old traditions that make it so special.

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Curated images from the Arctic Circle to the Chilean Patagonia.

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My name is Melanie. I am the creator of From Texas With Love and a travel writer with a focus on history and storytelling. I am currently based in the unique and flavorful Tbilisi, Georgia and have been do-si-doing my way around the world for a few years. I make it my business to dive head first into different cultures. I have a strong appreciation for history and meaningful dishes steeped in heritage and tradition. 

I hope that you enjoy From Texas With Love as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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